The Revolting Syrian-يلا إرحل يا بشار
The Massacre of Kafranbel, Idleb (Syria)

Assad’s forces carried out a ferocious air-raid on the town of Kafranbel, Idleb in one of the more horrific air-strikes that we have seen to date. Since the revolution began, the town has become famous for it’s creative banners and cartoons the locals carry at their protests. 

In the video below we can see the true scale of the air-strikes. These are massive bombs dropped straight onto the homes of local residents in the middle of the day when the towns streets are full of people. How long can the world go on watching this?

It’s literally hell on Earth

Locals cannot get to many of the bodies as they are on fire

Many of the bodies are burned beyond recognition

More charred bodies …

And more …

A father mourns his dead children on the side of the street. His kids burned to death in-front of his eye and there was nothing he could do about it

The dead are collected on pieces of sheet metal to be taken for burial

Thanks to SyrianFreedom @AmalHanano @SyrianSmurf

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