The Revolting Syrian-يلا إرحل يا بشار

***LEAKED VIDEO*** “I’LL LET YOU SEE YOUR CHILDREN AGAIN IF YOU LET ME F**K YOUR WIFE!” (Date & Location Unknown) - Assad’s forces film themselves as they abduct a man off the street and mercilessly beat him. They drag him up and down the street all the while insulting him and stomping on his face. He’s not human to them, he’s a Syrian … something these men of Assad despise.

The man begs for them to let him live, or just to let him say farewell to his children, he knows all too well, as do most Syrians, that few people survive ad-hoc (and even ‘forma’) abductions and beatings like this. He tells them that he has children and a wife, to which they tell him over and over again “We’ll let you see your children if you let us fuck your wife?” … “How about that? will you let us fuck your wife?”.

This man most likely did not survive. You can tell that he has nothing to offer them, and when this is the case, they will usually kill you in Asasd’s Syria. An even more horrible thought is that they probably went to his home where his wife and children were waiting for their father to come home …

And you dare ask Syrians why they rose up and revolted against this?


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